To answer common questions we often receive about buying steroids in Ireland and using performance enhancing drugs or steroids is not illegal to have in your possession in Ireland as they come under the category of a prescription drug.

Unlike cannabis or other drugs which are illegal in all circumstances are subject to stricter laws should you be ever found with those on your person, conviction is likely.

Steroids being a prescribed medicine are regularly prescribed by doctors to cure various illnesses and if you possess steroids without a medical prescription the drugs will probably be confiscated (as with all prescription drugs non prescribed to you) with no further implications to the person.

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Buying steroids or performance enhancing drugs in Ireland is relatively easy if you ask around however you do so at your own risk, as most products sold through gyms and rugby clubs contain substandard materials in the excipients with can cause a whole category of extra side effects separate to the usage of the steroid itself, by using substandard and cheap products you run the risk of absorbing contaminants like heavy metals being unknowingly being contained within the compound unbeknownst to the manufacturer due to the production processes which over the long term, consequences of absorbing these harmful chemicals causes unknown effects on the body over the long term.

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The UK has even more relaxed rules on the use, purchase and possession of anabolic steroids. The details of which we shall talk about in our next post.